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Come to New York City where residents, buildings and vintage hotels in New York alike try to claim the best views and the impressive skyline is continually evolving.

Central Park is in the heart of Manhattan, spreading out among nearly 900 impressive acres. Where the wealthy and the middle class gather for a stroll among grounds that include a castle, a zoo, several lakes, and an Egyptian obelisk. Find lovely vintage hotels in New York near the park or choose the tourist hotels in Times Square to be among all the main attractions.

Known as the City that Never Sleeps, there are endless activities to take your family or to enjoy with your special someone. For families, NYC is a very walkable city but if you have small children they may need a few breaks in between doing a walking tour. One of my favorite all-time spots is the American Museum of Natural History which is in a beautiful collection of building across Central Park. Home to a scientific research center and a monumental collection of fossils and dinosaur relics along with contemporary concerns such as the Hall of Biodiversity which educates visitors about environmental problems and the critical need to preserve Earth’s living organisms. Your kids will love the archaeological collections the most.

For couples, you may choose a walk through Central Park and a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, also located by Central Park. The gorgeous collections of paintings include seasonal exhibits and you can learn more here.

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